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Hopi Sun Mask
A Fanciful Faces Mask

A stunning sun mask. All template pieces and directions are included to create this extraordinary mask.

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Mask Fun!
Fancilful Face Collections 2000

A great starter set. All twenty-seven characters are easy to make. It's mask making fun for everyone!


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Fancilful Faces Collections 2001

A terrific set. A wide variety of Fairy Tale characters to spark your imagination. Some are simple ... some are complex. Curtains up! Let's put on a play!

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Disguise Yourself!
Fancilful Faces Collections 2002

A remarkable collection. These delighful characters are in two sections to add extra dimension to the masks. Le'ts make a mask! It's party time! SOLD OUT

Go on Safari!
Fancilful Faces Collection 2003

A positively unique collection. Dance masks and animals right out of Africa. Let's go exploring!

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Marvelous Miniatures!
Fanciful Face Collection 2005

You can make marvelous miniature masks to amaze your friends!

3 Sets available
$5.95 ea or 3 for $15.00
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Perfect for Birthday Parties!

Elephant Mask
Zebra Mask
Lion Mask

Modified 29 April 2017


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Miniature Masks

Instructions | Lion Mask
Lion Mane

Instructions | Template

Comedy / Tragedy
Comedy Mask | Tragedy Mask

Panda / Bear
Instructions | Template

Fluffy Dog
Instructions | Mask

Human Mask
Mask | Hair styles