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Fellers Mask Making Common CORE Alignment K-5

Kindergarten thru grade 5

To the children the mask making activities are simply fun - but they are also building skills in reading, writing, speaking & listening, geometry, rhythm, melody, form, expressive qualities, criticism and production!

This informational document details the core skills to be gained at each level through the Fellers Mask Making workshops.

> Download the document


Plan Packet for Schools

Download the packet that will help you plan for the Feller's Arts Factory visit to your school. You will find:

  • Meet the Fellers - a general information sheet about our workshops/festivals and us
  • A Note to theTeachers - a general explanation of how the two-hour block of time works for each session, and a quick check off list for classroom organization
  • Plan Sheet - This will help us plan the blocks of time with students and teacher (3 day and 5 day sample schedules are included)
  • We Supply-You Supply - a basic checklist for organizing
  • Construction Paper Checklist - the paper the school needs to organize for the mask making projects
  • Sample Classroom Identification Sheet - We will need an identification sheet for each classroom with which we will be working. We will use these to prepare packets for each teacher

Download the plan packet (pdf 7.8 mb)

What's in store for you at an arts factory workshop?

  • Techniques for making paper masks and puppets.
  • Teaching strategies to promote “working together” as a basis for the creative process.
  • Simple processes for weaving reading, writing, speaking, music and art into the production of an original story.
  • Quick, comfortable ways for teachers to help students develop as storytellers, songwriters, authors, illustrators and publishers.
  • Techniques for making books and creating unique greeting cards.
  • Experiences using new and interesting art materials.
  • No-fail” art projects that can be used immediately by teachers with their students.


Calendar Feller's Arts Factory Schedule 2014 - 2015

September 29-30 Hofstetter Elementary Colville, WA
October 1-2 Ft. Colville Elementary Colville, WA
October 6-7 Wilbur Elementary Wilbur, WA
October 15-17 Shiloh Hills Elementary,  Mead  School  District Mead, WA
October 21-23 Midway Elementary,  Mead School District Mead,WA
October 27-29 Ridgeview Elementary, Spokane Public Schools Spokane, WA
December 16-18 Greenacres Elementary, Central Valley District Spokane Valley, WA
January 7-9 Fay Galloway Elementary Henderson, NV
January 14-16 Ulis Newton Elementary Henderson, NV
January 21-23 Somerset Doral Academy/ Saddle Campus Las Vegas, NV
January 28-30 Somerset Doral Academy/Cactus Campus Las Vegas, NV
February 3-6 Neil Twitchell Elementary Henderson, NV
February 10-11 Mabel Hoggard Magnet School Las Vegas, NV
February 18-20 John Bonner Elementary Las Vegas, NV
February 25-27 Walker International  Elementary Henderson, NV
March 4-6 Steve Cozine Elmentary North Las Vegas, NV
March 11-13 John Dooley Elementary Henderson, NV
March 17-20 Steven Schorr Elementary Las Vegas, NV
March 25-27 Somerset Sky Pointe Academy Las Vegas, NV
April 13-16 James Cox Elementary, Fountain Valley District Fountain Valley, CA
May 11-12 Plum Canyon Elementary Saugus, CA


Prepare for a Fellers workshop: Create a miniature mask & watch 'How-To' videos!

Below you will find instructions and free templates to create a Bear/Panda, Fluffy Dog or Human Mask!

Panda / Bear Instructions and Template
Download and print the instructions | Download and print the template

Fluffy Dog Instructions and Template
Download and print the instructions | Download and print the template

Human Mask Instructions and Templates
Download and print the instructions | Download and print the mask template and the hair styles template


marsha feller

VIDEO 1 Introduction to the Feller's Arts Factory Play the Video

VIDEO 2 Introduction to the Feller's Mask Making Templates Play the Video

VIDEO 3 Introduction to the Feller's Block Printing Kits Play the Video

Please note videos require a high speed Internet connection