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Enchanting! Fanciful Mask Collection 2001

Would you like to be a Jester,
A King or a Queen,
Or maybe a Dragon
All Purple and Green?

All you need are the Feller’s mask making templates, paper, scissors and glue to create your own, easy-to-assemble, fairy tale masks.

You might make a Wolf,
Three Pigs or a Sun,
When you wear them,
There's guaranteed Fun.

A majestic Lion
A Knight, oh, so bold,
A Wizard and a Frog
That never grow old.

These and many other mask making templates are available in the Fanciful Faces Collection: 2001. Curtains Up! Let's put on a play!

Order the Fanciful Mask Collection 2001 for only $24.95!


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Sample masks from this template set