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Disguise Yourself! Fanciful Mask Collection 2002


Have you ever wanted to disguise yourself with a mask? With these nineteen terrific templates . . . AND paper, scissors and glue . . . you can have a barrel of fun becoming . .

A Pirate, a Panda,
An Owl or a Fox,
A Chef or a Tiger,
Or a Genie in a Box.

A Bulldog, a Koala, a Lion or a Bear,
Or maybe the Wind
To blow through your hair.

These and the rest of the characters in the Fanciful Faces Collection: 2002, are terrific for plays, parties and parades . . . classrooms, after school programs, Scouts and camps . . . wherever people get together to have a good time!

Let's make a mask! It's party time!

Order the Fanciful Mask Collection 2002 for only $24.95!

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Sample masks from this template set