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Enriching lives of children
Lesson is a Cut Above

Fellers and students making masks at Twitchell Elem

"Lesson is a cut above the rest at Twitchell"

Learning 87
Creative Ideas for Teachers

Making Marvelous Masks: Combine art and language arts with three dimensional masks

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for Hobbyists and Crafters
expression magazine

Easy mini memory albums to share.

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Better Home & Gardens
Activities for Parent and Children
better homes and gardens

Activities for parents and children based on The Chronicles of Narnia including creating an animal face mask.

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for moms and dads
kids newspaper

Ron and Marsha Feller: Spokane's Master Mask Makers

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Colville Local Paper
Masks for Education
masks for education

School visit to Fort Colville and Hofstetter Schools in Washington.

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Valley Life
A Lesson in Creativity
valley life

Modern minstrels Ron and Marhsa Felle spur the story- and song-creating skills of students.

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Local news: Brentwood Elem
Story Tellers Impart Magic
impart magic

Storytellers impart magic to Brentwood's future authors

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Spokane Chronicle
Masks Made Easy
masks made easy

Storyteller's colorful creations are detailed in their new book.

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Local news: Tieton school
Lighting the Path to Art
lighting the path

"We take children at their own level and make them feel comfortable with their creativity." (Ron Feller)

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Your Public Schools: ESD 121
Year of the Child 1979
year of the child

Highline students write, act out stories

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Prosser Record bulletin
Storytellers Encourage Creativity
encourage creativity

Professional storytellers' giveworkshops.

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Local News: Midway Elem
The Art of Teaching
art of teaching

Stories, songs, hands-on projects help traveling artists teach writing skills

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Willapa harbor herald
Theatrics help students develop skills

Students at Ninth Street Elementary School were turned into tigers, jesters and teddy bears.

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About the Fellers

For thirty years Ron and Marsha Feller have been making masks, writing songs and stories and making innovative gift cards and books with children, teachers and parents.

Their popular workshops have kept them in demand throughout the United States doing school assemblies, family concerts, young writers’ conferences, artists’ residencies, educational seminars and college courses.

They are the authors of two books: Paper Masks and Puppets for Stories, Songs and Plays and Fanciful Faces & Handbound Books: Fairy Tales. They have also created the Fanciful Faces Mask Making Template Sets that you see on this site.

The Feller’s Arts Factory workshops with children and adults focus on writing stories, songs and plays. Participants learn paper sculpting for mask and puppet construction, gift card design, illustrating, and simple bookbinding techniques to accompany the writing activities. The workshops can be from one and a half hours to several days in length.