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Mask Templates, Books, Supplies and tools Items we have found useful and can recommend

Mask Making Template

Fanciful Faces Collection 2000
A great starter set. All twenty-seven characters are easy to make. It's mask making fun for everyone!

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>Order Template $24.95

Mask Making Template

Fanciful Faces Collection 2001
A terrific set. A wide variety of Fairy Tale characters to spark your imagination. Some are simple ... some are complex.

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> Order Template $24.95

Mask Making Template

Fanciful Faces Collection 2002
A remarkable collection. These delighful characters are in two sections to add extra dimension to the masks.


Mask Making Template

Fancilful Faces Collection 2003
A positively unique collection. Dance masks and animals right out of Africa. Let's go exploring!

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> Order Template $24.95

Mask Making Template

Hopi Sun Mask
A stunning sun mask. All template pieces and directions are included to create this extraordinary mask

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>Order Template $8.95

Miniature Mask Templates

You can make marvelous miniature masks to amaze your friends!

3 Sets available - Details
$5.95 ea or 3 for $15.00

> Template Set #1 $5.95
> Template Set #2 $5.95
> Template Set #3 $5.95
> All Three$15.00

Books in PDF format on CD

PDF color files of the long out of print

"Fanciful Faces and Handbound Books Fairy Tales"

>Order CD $10.95
Books in PDF format on CD

PDF color files of the long out of print

"Paper Masks and Puppets"

> Order CD $12.95
Books in PDF format on CD

Order both!

"Fanciful Faces and Handbound Books Fairy Tales" and "Paper Masks and Puppets"

> Order CD $19.95
Block Printing Kits

Choose from Squares, Kites, Diamonds & Rectangles. Kits include 6 blocks and adhesive backing.

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> Squares $9.95
> Kites $9.95
> Diamonds $9.95
> Rectangles $9.95

X-Calibre Retractable Pen Knife and Refill Blades

This is the best craft knife we've ever used. It's comfortable to use, has a retractable blade like a ball-point pen and its short blade makes for easy cuts.

> Order Knife $14.95
> Order 5 Blades $6.95
Olfa Compass Cutter and Refill Blades

Cut perfect circles and arches with this craft knife on a compass. Great for cutting openings, shadow box cards and books. Comes with five blades.

> Order Cutter $10.95
> Order Blades $6.25
Mini Cutting Mat

The best cutting mat we've ever used - and we've used them all! This 4" by 6" " self-healing mat protects your table and lasts for years. A MUST for delicate, precision cuts.

> Order Mat $5.49

Jumbo Double
Ball Stylus Tool

We use our stylus primarily for tooling copper.
It also works well for scoring paper.

> Order Stylus $2.99
Folding Bone

This 6" folding bone is pointed at one end and rounded at the other. It is great for getting a good crease when folding paper.

> Order Folding Bone $4.99

Speedball Hard Rubber Brayer

Speedball Hard Rubber Brayer
This 4" hard rubber brayer is a wonderful, sturdy brayer for rolling on paper when gluing two sheets together.  


Waxed Linen

5 ply, 25 yards per roll.
We use this waxed linen to sew pages in books and cards. Easy to use, strong and classy!

> Order Waxed Linen $5.99

Dritz Extra Long 5"
Doll Needles

We use these long delicate needles to stitch the pages of several different styles of hand-bound books. They have large enough holes for threading waxed linen or sea grass.


Loose Ends
Ribbon Shredder

A great tool for shredding curling ribbon to give pizzazz to masks.


Rainbow Sparkle
Embossing Powder

These iridescent, sparkling embossing powder highlight and "enamelize" inks used to stamp a design.

> Order Powder $3.50 per jar
Fashion Flakes for

Metallic leafing in brilliant color combinations for cards, crafts and more.
Colors available: Mardigras,
Varigated Red, Gary's Mix

> Order $8.95/1 gram Pkg

Metal Leaf Adhesive Size

Sizing used to attach Fashion Flakes to paper to make extraordinary effects.


Copper for Metal Quilting

Tooled copper is a wonderful decoration for masks, book covers and greeting cards. We stamp tessellated designs on this copper with blocks from our kits. We then tool the designs with a stylus to make wonderful tiles.

Almost Leather

You can create beautiful leather-look projects with this easy to use dense foam and our heat tool and stamps. You can also put this dense material under copper for a deeper impression when tooling. Comes in black.

> Order $1.00 / 8"x10" Sheet
Heat Tool

Embossing is easy with this quiet heat tool. Low air volume will not blow the powder around. We also use this tool to dry Fabrico ink after stamping copper for tooling. 120 volts, UL label

> Order Tool $24.99

Double Sided Sticky Tape

This heat-resistant, double-stick embossing tape is excellent for applying gold leaf and glass beads. Each roll contains 15' of tape.

> Order 1/8" wide roll $2.95
> Order 1/4" wide roll $2.95
> Order 1/2" wide roll $3.95
> Order 3/4" wide roll $6.50
> Order 1 " wide roll $7.95
Double Sided Sticky Tape Sheet

Double Sided Sticky Tape Sheet (Single 9" x 11")

> Order $3.95 per Sheet

Poly Zipper Bag for Mask Templates

These sturdy, large .004 mil Minigrip Red Line Zipper 13"x18" Bags are excellent for storing and organizing mask making templates.

> Order $1.00 ea bag
Adhesive Pin Backs

Turn your paper art work into pins with these adhesive backed pin backs. 12/pack

> Order $2.99/pack

Humanatone - "Nose Flute"

The best pocket instrument since the invention of the Swiss Army knife! The only instrument designed to be played with your nose. Get several -- your friends will want one, too!

> Order $10.95 per dozen

Ocarina with Fingering Chart

A small plastic musical instrument that you can wear around your neck. Memorize the fingerings for this octave + 1 note range and you will amaze your friends with familiar and improvised tunes.

> Order Ocarina $6.95

Tune Books for the Ocarina

A collection of tunes especially arranged for the Ocarina. Book One (pocketsized) and Book Two available.

> Order Book 1 $3.25
> Order Book 2 $6.25

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